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With the announcement of national final dates, fans got excited about who is going to represent which country and with which song. Last week, we got to learn very new confirmed participants like Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia and Croatia. These five countries had their own winners of the national finals that they organize.

This week, with the help of our calendar, we gathered the important dates of this week’s national finals and song announcements. On Friday, Feb 22th, Germany will be on air for its own national final: Unser Lied für Israel. Seven acts will be competing for representing Germany in Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Tel Aviv.

On this Saturday (probably another Super Saturday again), we will be learning Lithuania’s, Denmark, Hungary’s and Ukraine’s national final winners and the official/confirmed entries at the same time. Besides, Melodifestivalen 2019 Deltavling 4 will be taking place on Saturday with
Festival da Canção Semi-Final 2. So, don’t forget to divide your browser into six tabs!


Germany Unser Lied für Israel 201922/02/2019
UkraineVidbir 201923/02/2019
2HungaryA Dal 201923/02/2019
SwedenMelodifestivalen 2019 Deltavling 423/02/2019
LithuaniaEurovizijos Atranka 201923/02/2019
DenmarkDansk Melodi Grand Prix23/02/2019
PortugalFestival da Canção Semi-Final 223/02/2019

What do you think about this week’s schedule? Are you excited? WE ARE! So, it is #your time to speak up! Don’t forget to comment on by replying this article!

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