Ana Sayfa Ülkeler 🇸🇲 San Marino Serhat: “My song is all about peace and happiness…”

Serhat: “My song is all about peace and happiness…”

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On 28th January, our editor Efecan Erdoğan could have chance to join the press conference of San Marinese delegation, RTV and Serhat in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference was held in The Marmara Hotel, absorptions from the San Marinese delegation and RTV.

I am proud of being a representative of two countries at the same time…

While Serhat was going on with the flow of the schedule, a question which was really significant was asked:

“What do you think about Turkey’s decision on non-participation?”

Serhat firstly intended to summarize the current situation of Turkey in the contest and the reasons why Turkey was not participating the event. Later, he added: “Whatever happens, I am proud of being a representative of two countries at the same time in this beautiful competition…”

Press members in the room were so excited and willing to ask the questions about the song. One of the press members of asked the genre of the song but Serhat did not answer directly. He said:

“The song is top secret right now. It has to be. We signed the nondisclosure agreement and promised each other. The only thing I could say that the song is very positive and it includes the mood of being peaceful and happy.”

Another question was about his musical career out of Eurovision since the fact that Serhat had released the song “Total Disguise” with Helena Paparizou (The winner of Eurovision 2005) and could reach the high ranks in international music charts.

“It is really difficult to reach the top positions by being a Turkish singer but I did. I really love to work with foreign singers. It is really important for me to get to know their music style and culture at the same time. I will continue with my international career whatever happens after the night of Grand Final in Tel Aviv.”

We, as Eurovision Time team, would like to thank you Serhat for his kind comments about Turkey’s position in Eurovision Song Contest and hope him the best place in the contest in May in Tel Aviv, Israel!

Efecan Erdoğan (Left), Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu (Right)

What do you think about Serhat? Now, it is your #time to speak up! Let us know in the comments section by replying this article!

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